WebAPI2, Integration tests, Continuous integration and deployment. An End-to-end sample.

The upcoming blog posasp-dot-net-logotings will catch up with many of the aspect I have been dealing within the last couple of years when developing robust and secure WebAPI2 backend applications

The postings will come in several parts (the order may change):

  1. Initial scaffolding the application
  2. Layering out the application using dependency Injection
  3. Adding Cross Cutting Concern functionality
  4. Implementing database functionality using an ORM
  5. Integration test using OWIN
  6. Adding more functionality to the application
  7. DevOps, using Continues Integration, deployment and instrumentation.
  8. Security –authorization, authentication and more.


We will develop a simple REST based application totally from scratch and, as we move along, add more functionality to the application. The goal at the end, is to have a full functionally backend application that can be used with an HTML5 application, a native mobile app or any other kind of application that could integrate to a REST based API.

Furthermore, we will look at various design patterns as well as tools I found useful when developing, testing and deploying WebAPI2 applications.

As there can be different ways of implementing stuff, you might not agree in every (or any) aspect the way I do things, so feel free to drop me a comment with your suggestions or any questions you might have.

Disclaimer: The sample code described herein is provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind.